Monday, June 18, 2012

blue dragonfly and flowers tattoo design

According to one Greek myth, the goddess of spring, Flora, who took care of all plants, once jealous of her husband to the nymph named Anemone. And turned it into a beautiful spring flower.
In medieval culture, however, the anemone has a completely different meaning, is to protect from evil.
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purple flowers idea tattoo design on shoulder

The natural simplicity of daisies, snowdrops and bluebells have inspired many lovers, artists and poets to sing their praises in his address, but they also have a downside. Daisy can be a symbol of innocence. Bell, signifying eternal love and constancy, can bring bad luck if it break. Similarly, the snowdrop, which symbolizes hope and return to life after a long winter, very poisonous and can bring misfortune to the house.

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